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Traditionally regarded as a forum for buying and selling, trade fairs are becoming an ideal platform for information exchange, education, and networking. Rarely is an exhibition held without having conferences, seminars, working demonstrations or social events running in parallel.

The importance of trade fairs lies in the wealth they generate around them. Hotels, restaurants, shops, transport freight and many individual professionals, as well as many other businesses that benefit indirectly from them.

Trade Fairs use broadcast and press media, press conferences, direct mailing, websites, social media, and e-mails to target both visitors and exhibitors, thus appealing to different audiences.

Nowadays, trade fairs are becoming more highly targeted and catering to niche markets, as exhibiting companies target the most outcome from their marketing budget.

The ongoing use and development of new media and information technologies is maximizing the output from such events. Improvements have affected the participation process, the launching as well as the evaluation of exhibitions.

While the future promises many developments in trade and business, trade fairs will continue to serve as dynamic marketplaces, in which thousands of parties with shared interests can meet and conduct business.

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