Vision Fairs’ Commercial Department
The commercial department of Vision Fairs began operations in the middle of 2010. Its primary mandate is to increase exports from Egypt to the Sudan, but it envisions involvement in importing and expansion to other markets when appropriate.

Grounded in thorough, on-the-ground market research by the department's on-site staff in Khartoum, close cooperation with the Egyptian suppliers and committed partnership with Sudanese and Egyptian ministries, product choice is tailor-made for its target purchasers.

After housewares, chemicals and plastics, the department expects to include household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, kitchen exhaust fans, brooms, dishwashers and mixers, lightbulbs, garden sprayers and plastic containers in the near future.

Sales for the new department are expected to double in 2012. In addition, food industry contracts currently under negotiation with government ministries, notably the importing of Sudanese meat, are valued at US $30 million.