Wall & Floorex

Housing and construction projects remains one of the most important contributors to the Egyptian domestic economy. In 2016 the sector’s output increased by 10.3%, a significant uptick after growing at an average of 5.3% in the preceding four years. This growth trend was largely maintained in 2017, and is expected to reach 14% as of  2018 and upwards.

Egypt is home to the most prosperous construction market in the MENA region, as the market was set to witness a 95% increase in cash-led construction spending in 2017; it is not only the need for housing that will provide a source of projects and contracts; but also there are mega infrastructure projects in the pipeline.

Dynamic and across-the-board, EGY Wall & Floor is a superior multi-format trading forum with a diverse commercial and business distinctiveness; showcasing the most advanced turnkey solutions; introduced by the world’s key players in the wall and floor covering sector to cater for the elevating demand in Egypt and the MENA region.

Initiating the finest networking and commercial channels between the world’s key wall and floor covering industrialists from one side and Egypt’s and the MENA region’s top buyers and project owners from the other side; EGY Wall & Floor will demonstrate today’s and tomorrow’s innovations providing brand-new patterns for construction and infrastructure projects’ start-ups and development; whilst creating extremely attention-grabbing business solutions.